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Friday, March 03, 2006

Blood at Midnight

No, not that Blood. Radio Free Austin and the Revere folks--amoung them Jack Blood--showed up at the Filibuster at midnight to ask David some incredibly pointed questions, especially regarding illegal immigration, border patrol, and the minutemen.

Not that David doesn't like taking these kinds of questions.

Okay, I can't hear much actually going on at this point, cuz it's turned into a debate going every which-way with about a dozen people talking at once. But it's the People's Filibuster, so you'll have that.

David satisfied Jack by getting to the heart of the problem--at least as what he can actually do as Attorney General--which is to go after the companies that hire (knowingly) the illegal immigrants to work here in the first place. Almost sounded like an endorsement. Almost.

In regards to building a wall around Texas to keep people out, David said, "If you're not madder than hell about this country turning into a police state, you should be."

Jack and David also seemed to agree that there are two parties within the Democratic party--that of the elite, and that of the people.

Man I wish my camcorder battery didn't die just before this bunch showed up!

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Blogger thepoetryman said...

Mirrors and Smoke- http://apoeticjustice.blogspot.com/

11:26 AM  

Blogger skye said...

From where I was:

As an avid listen of Radio Free Austin(RFA) I heard RFA announce the filibuster myself, they were in full support. I also heard Jack Blood say he and some friends were going to be at the event after the Revere event.

They showed up at midnight, with heated questions about immigration. While some may have seen this as hostile, I being a Texan, understood this is how we do politics around here. There was a lot of speaking over speakers, and debates, but in the end Jack Blood stated (and I am definitely paraphrasing at this point), “Its not often I hear a democrat say they want me to be able to keep my guns!” and “I am very glad to hear your stance on illegal immigration. I am glad to hear you say that you have a plan to go after the corporations that hire illegal immigrants, and are prepared to revoke their corporate charters. I can support that.”

The gang hung out for hours afterwards and I even saw a few of them at the end of the event, at 6pm Saturday. 3 even joined us at the after party, proving that we can transcend political boundaries, titles, and come together on issues that are seen by the establishment dems as divisive.

Be Well,

Rev. Vegan Stephen

7:22 PM  

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