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Monday, April 17, 2006

Lots of nothing inside the Capitol...

... but it was hot outside (the conversation and the weather).

I'm sitting on the south steps, drafting the WiFi connection inside to post this. The sun has all but gone down and it's starting to feel mostly tolerable.

Special guests this afternoon included Kathi Thomas, Kirk Watson, Maria Luisa Alvarado (who joined us at 4 pm, saying she decided to "come outside to hear a real speaker") Richard Raymond, and on the sidewalk following adjournment, Garnet Coleman and Jim Dunnam.

The Stallings crew just joined us -- Larry, Diane, and Billy -- and will be taking a turn in a few minutes. DVO and MLA left briefly to go speak to the Northwest Austin Dems and have also just returned.

Really the biggest difference between this Filibuster and the first one (besides the heat, of course) is the presence of the silk-stocking set parading into and out of the Capitol. It's really quite disgusting after watching it for these hours. These are the people that your light company, your bank, your insurance company, and particularly your tobacco company -- if you have one -- have hired with the money you pay them to "protect their interests". Which have nothing to do with your interests, and especially nothing to do with public education in Texas. They have friends on the starboard side of these chambers, but those friends are spooked a little by the sea changes you've been noticing.

What's most interesting to me is how they pass by us-- a merry band of 6 to 12 -- trying hard to ignore us, but with an ear cocked for anything that might confirm their suspicions (I suppose). Governor Perry did exactly the same thing: walked out of the Capitol studying his Blackberry and ignoring our catcalls as he quickly climbed into his black SUV.

So to say that we have been noticed is an understatement.

John Sharp spent time in the House answering questions about the plan he's been working on -- Vince at Capitol Annex has it. The Senate mostly offered accolades to President pro tem Royce West today. One of the good guys, for sure.

Oh well, they've got 29 days left ...

David returns to say that the Lege is all over at the Governor's Mansion having cocktails. He thinks he might crash their party. I think he's joking, but stay tuned ...

I'll add links to this post later, and also try to figure out why Haloscan ate all the comments over at my place. My apologies for whatever that snafu turns out to be.

posted by PDiddie at 5:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your stand on evidence in elections--hand counting all Paper Ballots. It was great to read what you said about the Texas suffrage law that requires numbered ballots. I wonder how many others might join you if they knew that HAVA was written by Abramoff and Ney for Abramoff's client Diebold to remove evidence in elections and replace it with non-evidentiary hackable machines.

Also, unlike Thelma Bush's and the Louise GOP's Greater-Extinction-Level Job Performance that would take us all down with them with Global Warming, you respect the evidence of your own eyes and of science and so would work to try to reverse Global Warming, more difficult to do with each passing day.

All should ask Bush and any Global Warming Denying Republican to Step Down before Hurricane Season, so that we can get real experts, and problem solvers in charge of our families lives and begin to work on reversing Global Warming and the danger it poses to all.

10:36 AM  

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