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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

DVO Whistlestop Report 2 Karnes City

Karnes City and Karnes County are named for Henry Wade Karnes. The history marker at the courthouse says he was conspicuous for gallantry at Bexar, commanded a company at San Jacinto, and became a Texas Ranger in 1838 at age 26. There are portraits of him and Deaf Smith in the first floor hallway of the courthouse.

County Clerk Alva Jonas engaged me in a lengthy discussion. She says the turnout in the recent primaries was so low because people are so mad about the way things are going in the country and the state they refused to vote. (Talk about a huge "none of the above" vote!) She says one of the things people are so mad about is the electronic voting technologies.

She is the county election administrator. She and her staff normally call local registered voters every election just to remind their local citizens to vote. This time a lot of people told them, "NO." A lot of people espressed anger over the electronic machnines, she says, because they don't trust the machine to record their vote accurately when they have no paper ballot to prove how they voted. Ms. Jonas wants to go back to plain old paper ballots. She believes, as I do, that counting the votes in a democracy should be an open public process and should never have been contracted out to private enterprises.

I met Robbie Shortner, Democratic candidate for Karnes County District Clerk, who has a Republican opponent in the general election. She appreciated my telling her I'm proud to be on the ticket with her. Democrats usually win the local elections around here, but you can never be sure and Robbie is taking nothing for granted. The present District Clerk is retiring after 25 years service and has endorsed Robbie to succeed her.

I did a short walk around the courthouse square and introduced myself to local store owners. I told each one that I want to do something about the greedy oil companies and stop them from walking all over us. I asked each person to help me take on the oil companies. Each one smiled and told me good luck and they hoped I win. The owner of Sam's Tacos asked for literature to put out by her cash register. The owner of the little pharmacy asked me if by doing something about the oil companies I was going to help poor people. I told her absolutely, that was the whole point. She said God bless you sir, I am for you 100%. Then she inisisted that I meet the customers who were in the store at the moment and give them my literature.

Maria Luisa Alvarado, our Texas Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, and Valinda Hathcox, our candidate for General Land Commissioner, are with me this trip. We 3 are a great coordinated campaign team. We fan out and spread the message to different people at the same time so that we cover more. We're all on the same page, on a mission to return Texas government to the people. It's going to happen, too.

Next stop Tilden, McMullen County. Rachel is driving, enabling meto blog and return phone calls. I wouldn't be anything without my spiritual partnership with her. We're a team.

Stay tuned.

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