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Monday, July 17, 2006

More David in the blogosphere

The Somervell County Salon on David's response to the Texas Observer:

Before I go into a bit of what Van Os said in response in the July 14, 2006 issue, I have to say that the bald facts do show that the Democratic party in Texas needs to be energized, and I personally believe that having candidates that speak their minds to issues the people care about, rather than playing to the center and polls would achieve that . I believe Van Os is not only going about running for office the right way, but emphasizing grass roots efforts by speaking directly to the people is extremely effective.

Hal of Half Empty heard David for the first time at the Courthouse Tour stop in Richmond:

Standing there in the hot sun, looking dapper in his cobalt blue long-sleeved shirt, bolo tie, dark brown vest, and tan cowboy hat, Van Os looked the essence and image of a Texas politician. Height-wise, he falls below the state average, but what he lacks in altitude he makes up in attitude: the man is one feisty son-of-a-gun.

I didn't really know what to expect, having never attended a political event for this kind of office. What I definitely did not expect is a lesson in civics, but that's what we all got: he quoted the Texas State Constitution, and told us all to look it up. I did. It floored me. Understand this: Texas has an anti-trust law written right into its constitution. ...

Come to think of it, I was watching Meet the Press a few weeks ago. Tim Russert interviewed the CEOs of ConocoPhillips, Chevron Corp., and the president of Shell Oil. They all sounded as if they were talking from the same cue cards.

I'm not an expert on the oil business, and it looks like those three aren't either, but there's something fishy about these record profits. Looks like David Van Os is saying that he wants to do something about that.

And the oustanding Daily Kos diary by Txsharon is a don't-miss:

When David and Rachel left, headed for their next whistle stop at Montague County, several of us--Democrats and Republicans--wandered back across the street to the Courthouse Cafe for some iced tea and conversation. Something happened then that I thought would never happen again.

We very gently started to talk about politics. People were tentative at first but, as we discovered that we agreed on just about everything, the conversation became more animated. The Republican voters, and they weren't moderates but staunch Republicans, said that Bu$h had fooled them. They are as disgusted as we are!

We must reach out to these Republicans, our fellow Americans! Rather than meeting them with haughtiness, we must make it easy for them to join us in our fight to get our country back. This is what David told us in his convention speech. He is right again!

This movement is not unique to Wise County. The grassroots Republicans and Democrats have momentum going. Texas is having a movement! However, the "Corporate Embedded Media" is not reporting this movement. David can't even get one mention in any big paper--even with the erection of the Notice to Big Oil billboards.

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