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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Real Dem Party's on the Lawn

Filibuster Update:

As predicted by Rachel Barrios-Van Os, next morning Rick Perry's bodyguard-escourted chauffeur-driven tinted-window SUV, which has to drive only across the street and up the driveway from his fenced-in mansion (like can't he just walk?!), drove to the BACK of the building to drop him off to avoid us and others concerned for our teachers and children outside the front of the Capitol. What a guy.

Perry with his Blackberry and bodyguard

Perry's SUV behind David speaking.

My sunburn from the reportedly 101 degrees we bore yesterday has faded, but aggrevated by the chemical fertilizer they just sprayed on the lawn. David's hat has protected him well from such, as he firmly insisted it would, resisting suggestion he should move to shade where he wouldn't be as visible to the people--which he wanted to speak to.

We were joined briefly by an angry mother that pulled her son out of school that day to protest her son's educational future being dependent on the lottery, her message scrolled on a chalkboard she held up to oncoming traffic.

David has remained in great spirits despite lack of coffee. I was seriously impressed with how long Maria Luisa Alvarado (running for Lt. Gov.) and Larry Stallings (not even running in this district) remained with us into the night, despite needing to work in the morning. We celebrated his son and newest voter (just 18) Billy's birthday on the Capitol lawn with a chocolate cake in the wee hours, and later enjoyed "take back our government" music by supporter Rev. Vegan Stephen, who'd just gotten off a plane and came right over, at like 1AM.

Really if you attend the next Filibuster--scheduled for Cinco de Mayo--if you don't stay the night you miss the fun parts!

Best summary-of-problem quote I heard all night from supporter Barbara [paraphrased], "They say the educational problem can't be fixed by throwing money at it. I want to hear them say that AFTER they actually try it."

Daybreak was absolutely beautiful. Clouds skirted the sky, wistfully chasing each other while rays of light parted and backlit the Capitol like Mother Nature's own laser light show. The politicians mentioned by PD seemed surprised to see us this morning. "You're still here?!" was heard over and over again.

David stated that the AG should be taking a larger roll in advising the new plan, since the current system is deemed unconstitutional by our own courts.

More to come; blogger has a scheduled outage shortly...

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