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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DVO Whistlestop Report 3 Goliad

Our first stop this morning was Goliad, one of the most historical Texas towns. Goliad County is one of the 35 original counties of the Republic of Texas. After Santa Anna's defeat at San Jacinto, the commanding general of the rest of the Mexican army tendered the army's surrender to Texan forces in Goliad County. Goliad was also the site, of course, of the well known Goliad Massacre.

We had quite a welcoming committee. The County Judge, the Mayor, the Sheriff, the Justice of the Peace, and the editor of the local newspaper The Texan Express, plus about 15 local townspeople including some self-described "staunch" Republicans. The Mayor is the president of the Goliad Democrats Club.

After hearing us speak, one fellow raised his hand, said, "I'm a landman and a lifelong Republican, and I like what I'm hearing, and y'all have got my vote." Another man then spoke up, "Lots of us Republicans are tired of what's going on and are voting Democratic this year"

The newspaper editor was enthused. He hung around and took lots of pictures. He insisted on as many people as could squeezing into several group photos for the paper.

The Sheriff told me he usually heads up the local Democratic Party straight-ticket GOTV drive. He said he is going to work it harder this year than he ever has because the country cannot stand any more Republican power grabbing.

The people like the message of people taking their government back. It resonates. I truly believe something extraordinary is going on beneath the radar screens of the pundits and pollsters. They think it's just about G.W. Bush personally. They are very wrong.

The RNC a few days ago sent out an impassioned fundraising solicitation for TX Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Dewhurst already has millions and Maria Luisa Alvarado has pennies. But they are worried, they are very worried, and with good reason.

My opponent Greg Abbbott is setting up fundraising receptions around the state and doing a lot of arm twisting for hosts and sponsors. He already had 5.7 million dollars as of December. Yes they are very worried. Good. I hope the oil companies give Abbott billions to try to beat me. They will give him every penny they can if they want to keep their greed river flowing. It won't do them any good. The people are going to take their government back.

Thak you to the Daily Kos community for its support and encouragement. Fight 'em till hell freezes over, then fight 'em on the ice.

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