ELECT THE PEOPLE'S LAWYER: David Van Os, Democrat for Texas Attorney General

Monday, September 11, 2006

Grayson County Whistlestop (Sherman Herald-Democrat)

Calling on Texans to help him bring Texas out of an age of greed, Democrat David Van Os brought his "whistlestop" campaign for Texas attorney general to Sherman Wednesday.

Standing near the steps of the Grayson County Courthouse, dressed in a button-down blue shirt, a black vest, a white hat and light colored pants, Van Os said his victory in the race will spell doom for the "robber barons" in the oil and insurance industries.

He said he plans to try to break up the mega monopolies that are practicing in Texas in what he called a violation of the Texas constitution. Van Os said the actions of those companies and the politicians they support has led to "an age of greed" that is unlike any seen in recent memory. He said the state has laws against such centralization of economic, and therefore political power, but no one seems to want to use them.

Van Os vowed he will use those laws to go after those industries if he is elected. ...

Van Os also said he plans to fight against the Trans Texas Corridor. He said many Texas politicians would like the residents of Texas to believe that the TTC is "done deal."

Not so, said Van Os. He said the state doesn't have "a law that can't be repealed or an elected official that can't be voted out of office." Van Os urged people to keep fighting the issue "till hell freezes over and then continue to fight it on the ice." He said the TTC plans to tear up thousands of acres "of the best farm land" in the state and put the land once used to feed millions "in the hands of foreign company that will take the toll money and send it back" to its country of origin.

The 56-year-old Texan said if voters listen to the pundits at the "big papers" they might think he doesn't stand a chance because Abbott is raising more money. However, Van Os said, he doesn't think the ability to raise big money from large corporations is an indication of the ability to represent the people of the "grand state of Texas."

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