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Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Something big is happening"

From Friday, September 22, a report from West Texas:


This afternoon in Sterling City, Texas, Rachel and I completed our 211th courthouse stop. It was a terrific week, with very friendly West Texans greeting us warmly and expressing their appreciation over a candidate for state office coming to some of their communities for the first time in decades.

In Crane this morning, due to a bangup effort by the County Democratic Chair, the County Commissioners Courtroom was filled to capacity to meet me at 8:00 a.m. In Rankin at mid-morning, when I came to the County Judge's office she got on her intercom and encouraged all county employees to come to the ground floor hall and listen to me.

In Big Lake the grounds crew, Joe and Carlos, met me and told me they had freshly mowed the grounds this morning in order to welcome me. Inside the whole courthouse staff gathered in the hallway to meet and hear from me, except for one deputy county clerk who had to hold down the fort.

Yesterday in Odessa the county chair and the central labor council president worked together to gather a crowd, both Odessa local television stations came to interview me and cover the event, and even a reporter from the Austin American-Statesman showed up. This morning in Rankin the women in the county clerk's office told me they saw me on their TV news last night (out of Odessa) and the news also announced my schedule for today -- so they were expecting me.

A lot (but not all) of these people I've been meeting think they are Republicans, but inside they're really Democrats. They all like what I'm saying about fighting back against runaway corporate monopolies and power-grabbing politicians, they all make fun of the establishment Republican political machine (they DO NOT like it!), and they like what I'm saying about protecting the Constitutional rights and liberties of the people.

The Trans-Texas Corridor is a hot button with them just as much as in central Texas -- they detest the idea of a public highway system being run for private corporate profit. They think the big oil companies are greedy hogs, they know that government is being run solely for the benefit of big business and they don't like it, and they hate the water profiteers who are trying to go into the aquifers and corporatize their water and make them buy it back in bottles.

This afternoon in Garden City, Glasscock County, a young mother whom I introduced myself to while we were both pumping $2.60 gasoline told Rachel and me that as a Christian she is sick and tired of the Republicans using religious faith as a political toy and their doing so is an offense against God -- and she wanted to know what she and her husband could do to help the Democrats win the elections.

Something big is happening. Thank you all for being involved in it. When we beat Greg Abbott in this election after being outspent 50-1 by going back to the people in the most total grassroots campaign, it will show others the way back to the basics.

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